Lightning Rounds

See Lightning Round slides here.

Over the course of the Summit, participants will have the opportunity to present their mapping work to Summit attendees & Googlers in an informal, 2-minute "lightning-round style" format. Lightning round talks will give you the opportunity to share your work, find out how others are using Google tools, and get inspired! Here’s some more details on how it will work:

When will the talks take place?
Lightning round sessions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (see agenda for exact times) the week of the Summit.

How will the talks be organized?
Lightning round presentation slots will be available on a first come, first served basis. If we have more sign ups than slots available, we will split out the lightning talks into different rooms to ensure as many talks as possible happen.

What’s with the 2-minute time limit?
The 2-minute time limit will be enforced so that we can give everyone the opportunity to present.

How do I sign up?
Sign ups are now closed. 
When's the deadline for signing up?
You can sign up to the very last minute. First come, first served! We will try to accommodate as many talks as possible!

When will I know which day / time I’m presenting?
I will be following up with lightning round speakers on an ongoing basis, as sign ups roll in.

What equipment will I have access to?
As a presenter, you’ll have access to a Google laptop (Macbook), a projector and wireless internet. You’ll be limited to 2 slides maximum, or 1 slide and a demo. Demos are encouraged!

In order to save time and technical difficulties in switching laptops between presentations, we will ask that you put your 1-2 slides into a shared Google Presentation. If you plan to open up a webpage in the browser, we will need to know that link ahead of time so we can queue it up for you! If you’d like to demo something in a file (i.e. PDF, image file, KMZ), please send directly to me so that I can make sure it’s loaded on the presentation laptop.

Once you’ve signed up, we'll reach out to you to collect your relevant slides / links!

What should I talk about?
Your mapping work, of course! Work done with Google mapping tools is probably the most relevant to this audience, however please feel to present mapping work done with other software as well. This is an open space to share!

Do I have to participate?
Participating in Lightning Round talks is absolutely not mandatory, but you are definitely encouraged to participate!