Speaker Bios


 Charlie Kleeman 
 Charlie Kleemann is a building designer, carpenter, woodworker, musician and sound technician who brings the critical eyes and ears his work demands to community activism. Charlie and his wife Tamara reside in rural San Luis Obispo county just outside of the small town of Santa Margarita, Ca. (pop. 1059). In early 2012, Charlie was inspired by a video of Rebecca Moore’s 2011 Plenary at Bioneers that local Central Coast Bioneers organizer Stacey Hunt had loaned him after seeing a wood and plaster of paris model he had crafted of a nearby rock quarry proposal. While the model illustrated scale, it did not well illustrate incompatibility with the surrounding communities. Charlie immediately saw how Google Earth could become instrumental in the work he and Tamara, along with numerous other residents, had been doing since early 2009 to expose deficiencies and impacts within the application for a large scale industrial hard rock quarry proposed on the Salinas River a few miles northeast of Santa Margarita. The imagery and insight into the impacts that implementation of Google Earth helped articulate (in an inspired sprint) quickly elevated the dialog and played a significant role in engaging and educating both community members and decision makers. Diverse and accurately informed community participation ultimately resulted in Las Pilitas Resources, LLC’s quarry/surface mining/mountaintop removal application being denied in May of 2015.
 Raleigh Seamster             Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach
  Raleigh helps nonprofits use Google's mapping tools through organizing trainings like the Geo for Good User Summit, figuring out how to bring our program to new countries like Canada & Australia, and other projects. She has been with the Google Earth Outreach team for 3 years and at Google for a total of 6 years. Before Google, Raleigh served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, worked at the nonprofit American Councils for International Education, and studied cultural anthropology at James Madison University.
Karin Tuxen-BettmanProgram Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Karin has been with Google since early 2008, and has since worked on the Google Earth Outreach team, helping nonprofit and public benefit organizations use Google's mapping tools for their work. Karin's background includes work in GIS and remote sensing technologies, which she applied to her PhD in environmental sciences, received from the University of California, Berkeley. Since joining Google, she has trained numerous nonprofits to using the Street View Trekker backpack to collect imagery of the ecosystems they are working to conserve. More recently, she led the effort at Google to measure air quality using Street View cars, through a partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund.
Christiaan AdamsDeveloper Advocate, Google Earth Outreach
Christiaan is a Developer Advocate, GIS specialist, and KML designer with the Google Earth Outreach team, where he helps nonprofits to use Google's online mapping tools to tell their stories, visualize their data, and share their work work with the world. Christiaan focuses on working with Crisis Response and Conservation organizations. His background is in Environmental Engineering, Technology Policy, GIS and international development. When he's not playing with digital maps, Christiaan can be found mountain biking, hiking, or "fixing" things in his workshop.
 Allie LieberProgram Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Allie Lieber is a program manager on the Google Earth Outreach team. She manages the software grants program and is now focused on health mapping.
 Brian SullivanSenior Program Manager, Google Ocean & Earth Outreach
 Brian has been at Google since 2007 with recent projects spanning from developing Global Fishing Watch, adding to our streetview program in remote and underwater regions, partner trainings and consultations, and public speaking engagements. Earlier in his career, he focused on business intelligence and strategic partnerships at Google, served as a management consultant in financial services, and managed digital divide programs in West Africa. His love of technology is tempered with the opposing and complementary need to spend time in nature.

John BaileyProgram Manager, Google Geo Education

Dr. John Bailey is a former volcanologist turned Googler. As an undergraduate he studied physics & space science at the University of Kent at Canterbury and Penn State University, but decided there were limited fieldwork opportunities in space. So he switched to the far safer field of volcanology & remote sensing, moving to Hawaii to complete a MS and PhD. To balance the years in the tropics, fate then decided to send John to Alaska as a postdoc with the Alaska Volcano Observatory at the the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Finally after almost two decades in academia he decided he needed a new challenge and joined the Google Earth Outreach team as Program Manager for Geo Education. John loves to travel and explore new places and landscapes for himself. To date he has visited over fifty countries on six continents and will visit his seventh later this year. His goal is to teach knowledge, understanding and stewardship of the planet we live on through the use of Google’s Geo tools and other innovative technologies.
Emily Henderson

Program Manager, Google GeoEDU

Emily joined the Earth Outreach team as a Program Manager in May of 2015 and has worked at Google for the past 5 years. Prior to joining the Outreach team, Emily supported the executive engineering staff of the larger organization of Geo, which included Google Maps for Mobile, Google Earth, Street View, and Google’s local business efforts. After years of advancing product development, Emily is excited to bring her knowledge of Google’s mapping tools to teachers and students around the world.

 Vanessa Schneider     Geo Media Program Manager
Vanessa coordinates media outreach efforts as a program manager for Google’s Geo organization. She works closely with media professionals around the world using Google Maps and Google Earth for research and storytelling. Previously, Vanessa worked at The New York Times, Time Inc., and at New York startup Hot Potato, acquired by Facebook in 2010. Vanessa earned bachelor's degrees in both Journalism and Culture and Communication from Ithaca College. 
 Sean Askay     Engineering Manager, Google Earth Outreach
  Sean has been on the Google Earth Outreach team since 2007. He specializes in geo-spatial data visualization and has a keen interest in geo-storytelling. He has extensive experience creating complex KMLs maps, Google Earth tours and is a co-author of Spreadsheet Mapper.
 Jordon Mears     Software Engineer, Google Earth
 Jordon is a software engineer primary focused on the future of the Google Earth desktop client. In his time at Google he has worked on Earth Enterprise, helped build and launch Tour Builder, supported data ingestion for Earth Engine and currently works on the Earth client team.
 David Thau     Manager of Developer Relations, Earth Engine and Earth Outreach
  Dave Thau is the manager of developer relations for Google Earth Engine and Google Earth Outreach. He has created, and managed software development for, Webby Award winning websites, written a best-selling computer science textbook that has been translated into nine languages, and published scholarly papers in the field of data management. He joined Google in 2010, bringing with him 20 years of industry experience developing Internet-based applications with a focus on large image databases, geospatial systems, ecology and biodiversity. Thau holds degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a PhD in computer science from the University of California, Davis.
Tyler Erickson      Senior Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine
  Tyler focuses primarily on supporting Earth Engine partners who are working on water and climate analyses and the Python API. Prior to joining Google, he worked in academia and served as the Chair of the Technical Committee for AmericaView, a non-profit nationwide partnership of remote sensing scientists. Dr. Erickson holds graduate degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and in Geography from the California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of Colorado. His research has focused on water resources, particularly in the cryosphere, and on geostatistics for integrating geospatiotemporal environmental data across observational platforms.
 Nick Clinton     Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine
  Nick Clinton is on the Earth Engine developer relations team. He received a bachelors, masters and PhD from the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley. From 2008-2011, Nick worked in the Airborne Sensor Facility of NASA Ames Research Center, producing science quality calibrated imagery and supporting sensor maintenance for thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral imagers. From 2012-2015, he was on the faculty of the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, China. He joined Google in 2015.
Max Heinritz         Software Engineer, Google Earth Engine 
 Max is a software engineer on the Earth Engine Playground frontend. He's worked on charts, the code suggestion tool, and the client libraries.
 Randy SargentVisiting Scientist, Google Earth Engine | Senior Systems Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University
As Visiting Scientist in the Earth Engine team, Randy helps research and develop explorable timelapse maps, including a recently-released global timelapse map mosaicked from 29 years of Landsats 4, 5, and 7.  At Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab, Randy helps research and develop ways to explore and understand many types of massive, time-series data.  Prior to CMU and Google, Randy helped develop prototype rovers in NASA Ames’s Intelligent Robotics Group, and has founded/co-founded three successful technology companies.  Randy received his BS in Computer Science from MIT, and his MS from the MIT Media Lab, where he developed the Programmable Brick, a research prototype for LEGO Mindstorms.

Google Geo Leadership
 Jen Fitzpatrick   Vice President, Local & Maps
Jen leads Google's Local and Maps teams, whose services are used by more than 1 billion people to connect people to places around the world. One of the company’s first female engineers, Jen co-founded Google's User Experience team and continues to focus on delivering meaningful experiences to Google users everywhere. During her 15+ years at Google, Jen has led software development for a wide variety of products and teams including Search experience, AdWords, News, Shopping and Internal systems.
Luc Vincent    Engineering Director, Geo Imagery
 Luc Vincent joined Google over a decade ago to work on the Google Books project. Having spent many years working in the area of computer vision applied to documents, he was fascinated by the scale and ambitious nature of the project. However shortly after joining Google, Luc got involved in an early stage research project whose goal was to capture a large amount of street level imagery and make it universally accessible and useful. Along with a scrappy team of engineers, product managers, interns and 20% contributors, he managed to turn this research vision into a successful product, Google Street View. It launched in May 2007 and has been growing ever since.

Over the past several years, Luc's scope has expanded to include imagery captured from a range of sources, including people on the ground, airplanes, satellites, and more. He is currently an engineering director responsible for all Geo Imagery in Google's products. His team is focused on making all this imagery data and derived information broadly useful to users around the world, from end-users on a mobile phone to geo scientists researching climate change. He is especially proud of the fact his team is making a difference for the planet we live and for users around the world.
 Rebecca MooreEngineering Manager, Google Earth Outreach & Earth Engine
Rebecca Moore is a computer scientist and longtime software professional. At Google, she conceived and leads the Google Earth Outreach program, which supports nonprofits, communities and indigenous peoples around the world in applying Google's mapping tools to the world's pressing problems in areas such as environmental conservation, human rights and cultural preservation. Rebecca also initiated and leads the development of Google Earth Engine, a new technology platform which supports global-scale monitoring and protection of the earth’s environment. Rebecca received a bachelor’s degree with honors from Brown University in Artificial Intelligence and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Her personal work using Google Earth was instrumental in stopping the logging of more than a thousand acres of redwoods in her Santa Cruz Mountain community