Wednesday October 14th

7:45am: Shuttle transfer from Wild Palms to Google

8-9am: Breakfast

Location: CL2-Crane Beach Tech Talk

9-9:30am: Keynote Talk

Speaker: Luc Vincent, Engineering Director, Geo Imagery

Location: CL2-Crane Beach Tech Talk

9:30-10:30am: Tools for monitoring & analysis

Moderator: David Thau

Location: CL2-Crane Beach Tech Talk

In this session, you’ll hear an overview of Google mapping tools for monitoring and analysis needs, then hear from a selection of partners about how they used these tools in their work. See below for the lineup of partners who will be speaking.

9:30am - 9:45am

Overview of tools for monitoring & analysis  by David Thau

9:45am - 9:55am

Image result for conservation drones logo

Serge Wich, Conservation Drones

Mapping deforestation and oil palm plantation development using GEE and Skybox

9:55am - 10:05am

Marcelo Rezende, Open Foris

Collect Earth: Challenges and opportunities of a multi-purpose visual interpretation tool

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10:05am - 10:15am

Peter Lubell-Doughtie, Map your World/ Ona

10:15am - 10:25am

Lilian Pintea, JGI

“Forest Watcher” mobile app – a tool that puts Global Forest Watch data into the hands of local decision-makers using Google technology

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10:30-10:45am: Break

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Mobile Data Collection & Open Data Kit

Presenters: Allie Lieber & Emily Henderson

Location: CL2-Crane Beach

Open Data Kit is a set of tools that allows you to collect field data, such as text, photos/videos, and GPC location from an Android device where there's no internet connection and then publish that data to the web when you're back online. We will learn about some existing use cases and the go out into the field for a fun collect. Once you've gathered your data, we will map and visualize them as a group.

Prerequisites: None

Mobile Data Collection: Building ODK Survey Forms

Presenter: Brian Sullivan

Location: CL2-Crane Beach

You know a little about ODK or have been a user of it, now it is time to learn how to create custom forms. In this class, we’ll explore two tools, an extremely simple web form, and a powerful spreadsheet based tool that allows for skip logic and more complex design. Form examples will cut across indigenous cultures, land classification training datasets for remote sensing, and environmental monitoring and reporting.

Prerequisites: Familiar with ODK.

Mobile Data Collection: Hosting and Visualizing Data

Presenter: Max Heinritz

Location: CL2-Crane Beach

During this session, participants will learn how to analyze ODK data with Earth Engine and host monitoring data on Google App Engine using ODK Aggregate.

Prerequisites: Familiar with ODK. App Engine and Earth Engine experience not required, but some exercises require Earth Engine access; sign up here a few days in advance or plan to use a demo account.

Introduction to Earth Engine & Remote Sensing

Presenter: Karin Tuxen-Bettman

Location: CL5-Altoona Curve

Earth Engine is Google's geo data analysis platform. This session introduces the concept of remote sensing, the Earth Engine platform and the tools available for browsing Earth Engine's data catalog and performing analyses on the data. This session is intended for first-time users of Earth Engine and newcomers to remote sensing. We will first focus on the graphical user interface, and will touch briefly on the playground at the end. This session is intended to ramp beginners up to start using the power that the Earth Engine Playground brings to your project.

Prerequisites: None

Earth Engine Playground for Beginners

Presenter: Tyler Erickson

Location: 10:45am in CL3-Maxwell; 3:45pm in CL5-Altoona Curve

The Earth Engine API (application programming interface) provides the ability to create your own algorithms to process raster and vector imagery.

Prerequisites: Participants must have taken an Intro to Earth Engine session or have completed this introductory tutorial on the web.

Earth Engine: Reducers, Joins, Charts, Arrays

Presenter: Nick Clinton

Location: CL3-Maxwell

Get an API tour of all the advanced features for Earth Engine.

Prerequisites: Experience with the Earth Engine API. Know what it means to map() a function over a collection.

Advanced Algorithms: Classification, Unmixing, Terrain

Presenter: Nick Clinton

Location: CL3-Maxwell

This session offers a hands-on experience for advanced users of Earth Engine.

Prerequisites: Experience commensurate with Earth Engine: Reducers, Joins, Charts, Arrays. Advanced programming with the Earth Engine API.

Google Crisis Map

Presenter: Christiaan Adams

Location: CL5-Aberdeen IronBirds

Google Crisis Map is a powerful mashup tool which lets you easily set up, publish and share a Google Maps based site with many layers of data on the map. And it's not just for crisis work, it can be used for any non-profit maps! In this class we will explore several options for setting up a Crisis Map, and we'll try adding layers from many different data types and formats, including KML, GeoRSS, WMS, Tile-sets, and Fusion Tables. We will also explore the powerful mobile-friendly interface as well as the unique sharing tools.

Prerequisites: None

5:30-5:45pm: Break

5:45-6:15pm: Lightning Rounds

Location: CL2-Crane Beach Tech Talk

Participants will have the opportunity to present their mapping work to the rest of the Summit attendees and Googlers in a 2-minute "lightning-round style" format.

6:15-7:15pm: Dinner

Location: CL2-Crane Beach Tech Talk

7:15pm: Shuttle transfer from Google to Wild Palms